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The Oinousses Maritime Museum is the successor of the Oinousses Gallery, established after World War II in order to house works by folk ship-painter Aristides Glykas depicting Oinoussian sailing ships. In the 1960s, the Gallery moved into the building that now houses the Museum.

In the late 1980s, the galleries were expanded and refurbished to modern standards. The Museum, which was at that time endowed with new collections and concurrently turned into a non-profit organisation, opened in 1991.

In the Oinousses Maritime Museum’s galleries, the island’s rich maritime heritage unfolds – from 19th century sailing ships up to 20th century steamers, ending with bulk carriers, tankers and containerships of the present day.

The Museum also implements educational programs for primary and secondary education students and organises events related to maritime tradition, the arts and the environment.

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