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Nikolas S. Lemos

Nikolas S. Lemos was born on the island of Oinousses in 1933. He has been involved with the preservation of Greek and particularly Oinoussian maritime heritage for many years. Following his brother’s Anthony sudden passing in 1986, he took the initiative to establish the Oinousses Maritime Museum, which opened its doors in 1991. He served as the Museum’s president until 2016 contributing to its development and its expansion with new collections.

Antonis S. Lemos

Anthony S. Lemos (1930-1986) served as mayor of Oinousses contributing decisively to the island’s growth. He envisioned the creation of a contemporary maritime museum that would display the island’s rich maritime heritage, a project implemented by his brother Nikolas.

Panagiotis S. Kounis

Panagiotis S. Kounis (1946-2014) served as the Oinousses Maritime Museum’s Communications and Public Relations Manager from 1991 until his early passing in 2014, contributing to its development and to the promotion of Oinoussian maritime tradition, particularly to younger generations.

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